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What Is Traditional Web Hosting

A Traditional web hosting has its drawback though. Problem with such web hosting solution is the single point of failure. If there is a hardware failure (faulty RAM or hard drive) the entire web hosting server is down until the faulty hardware is replaced causing down time to your website. Traditional wen hosting comes in two forms, dedicated and shared.

With dedicated web hosting, a company pays for the complete resources of one or more servers from a service provider. The client has a set amount of dedicated bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and hard drive space, and the client has full control over the servers resources.

What Is Shared Web Hosting

A shared web hosting is an hosting environment which several websites are hosted on a single web server also known as shared server. It also means all the server resources related to bandwidth, web space, memory and databases are shared by many websites. Cost-effective is the main reason behind this shared hosting solution due to its shared resources with other websites.

The biggest advantage of shared web hosting is its affordable rate and by far is the cheapest hosting option in the market. Maintenance normally done by the provider and usually included in the hosting package. Shared hosting is the most common platform and affordable option for startups and new websites.

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