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The Importance Of Website Backup....

Backup is the idea of storing the files, content, and data on the computers is considered to be right and safe. Many people think that storing the data on the computer will be safe, and simple as  that. But have you ever thought that what happens if the machine crash, corrupted or even accidentally deleted? The data in the machine will be lost for always with any unexpected reason. So backing up the data is very important same as website protection. It is practical to have your data stored somewhere outside your machine so that you can use it in the event of such catastrophic incidence. The website backup services are particularly for the data storage so the people might take it seriously.

Introducing The Top Backup Solution For WordPress

Backup your website like a pro!

Why choose UpdraftPlus?

Engage with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to backup and restore with a single click on a schedule that suits you.

Not all backup plugins are reliable.  UpdraftPlus is tested in more scenarios, installed on more servers and rated higher in the market.

UpdraftPlus is a complete, general-purpose backup and restore plugin with more features and advanced tools that suits your needs.

UpdraftPlus is a free to use tool with the option to upgrade to premium version.

With UpdraftPlus, you can choose your own location to store your website’s backup files. You can either save the backups on your personal cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or download it using SFTP.

UpdraftPlus also supports custom backups. This allows you to choose which files and directories on your website to be backed up or restored.

UpdraftPlus giving you the option to restore your site from a previous backup with a single click.

What are the additional benefits of Premium version?

Migrator clones your WordPress site and moves it to a new domain or Or use UpdraftClone to clone a temporary site to our servers in a matter of seconds.

Allows you to only backup changes to your files that have been made to your site since the last backup and restore based on any given date of your incremental backup.

Set times and date to create, retain or delete backups at your own choice and convenience.

Backup access control to UpdraftPlus via a password so you choose which site users can access backups, create and delete.

Provide reporting and emailing capabilities of your backup status.

UpdraftPlus not only backup WordPress for you. It also Backup the WP core and non-WP files and databases.

Sometime WordPress updates on plugins or themes may create problem to your website. UpdraftPlus Automatically backup your website before any updates to plugins, themes and cores.

Some backup plugins can’t restore a backup, the Premium version of UpdraftPlus allows you to restore backups from other plugins.

UpdraftPlus Encrypt your sensitive databases (e.g. customer information or passwords) and more.

You can send your backup to more than one destination with premium add-on. You will feel even more safe with your backup files in multiple destinations.

More Remote Storage Options To Integrate With!

Easy One Click Install Applications & Many More!

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