"Cloud Web Hosting Is The Future"

What Is Cloud Web Hosting and Why Use It?

The beauty of cloud web hosting is that it does not rely on a single server to operate and it increases efficiency, flexibility, disaster recovery, automatic software updates, cost effective, security and work from anywhere.

As shown below, cloud computing allows multiple physical machines combined as one system. Therefore, visitors are not just accessing one single server but several servers instantly at once. Resources such as hard disk space and RAM can be added on the fly without any downtime. Client websites can be migrate easily and seamlessly.

With cloud web hosting, the load is balanced across a clusters of multiple servers. The information and applications contained on those servers are mirrored across the whole clusters. If an individual server goes down, there is no lost of information or downtime. Because of this redundancy, cloud hosting is much more elastic and resilient. 

The main key benefits of cloud web hosting are huge cost savings, flexibility, scalability and highly automated environment. 

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